Super Heavy Funk!!

Starting Next Wednesday, August 5th, we will be doing a new weekly in ATL called Super Heavy Funk!! At Cenci 1259 Glenwood Avenue in East Atlanta Village. To any of you who have been to the previous Super Heavy Funk’s you never know what to expect!! Just know that it will be good music!! All people are welcome! We want to create an eclectic event where all genres and crews are welcome, no cliquish stuff no way!!! Also this will be a Leo Birthday Celebration so if you are Leo we are celebrating you!! Please share with your people!!

Check out some video from our first Super Heavy Funk August 5th 2006 at City of Ink.

Hope to see you there!! Live musicians Rock!!!


Floatin Video is Done!! :)

Greetings Family! Sorry I have been gone so long… Been settling into life, getting older and wiser etc. But I am happy to say that the Floatin Video Directed by Mr. Complex and Produced by Apex has been completed. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Also please pass it on to your friends if you can!! Much Love!!