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February 27, 2009
Universal Messages
SignsThe universe can often relay messages to us through signs. Often, we are too busy to stop and consider what may or may not be a sign. We may ask the universe for guidance, yet fail to recognize the sign it sends us in response. Learning the subtle language of signs can help you interpret the guidance the universe sends your way. We all have been blessed with a connection that allows the universe to communicate directly with us. To be able to understand the information relayed over that connection, however, it is necessary that we learn to pay attention and know what to look for. 

To see and correctly interpret a sign, you must open your heart and mind to the universe and invite its guidance into your life. Many of us are blind to the signs we receive because we expect angels or our spirit guides to speak to us in a booming voice and tell us exactly what we need to hear. But signs are usually of this earth and therefore easier to encounter. A song lodged in your mind or a number that seems to pop up everywhere you look after you’ve asked the universe for guidance can both be signs. Signs may come through the animal world, from strangers, or jump out of a book in the form of an insightful passage. A sign may be a direct answer to one of your questions. Other signs may point you in the right direction, warn of impending difficulties, or show you a different way. If you want the universe to send you a sign, tell it that you are ready and willing to accept its guidance. 

Not everything you hear or see will be a sign. If you are receptive and patient, however, the signs you receive will become easier to recognize. It is important to listen to your intuition. A sign can mean many things to different people, and only you can decipher a sign’s meaning is for you. As you practice reading the signs and following their guidance, the universe will send more of them your way.


Fireside Chat at RedBull Music Radio

Check out the fireside chat I did with Redbull Radio… A lot of music some old some new some unreleased… a presentation of the Sound REbellion Also some music by Everett James… Its nice…



Video: Suite For Ma Dukes (Finale & Encore)


some old school japanese for ya…


Check out Jero

He’s an Enka singer, he’s a quarter Japanese like me lol! and from Philly… went to Japan to study and work and became a star!! Check out the video below…

Beatdown Volume 2: Black President free download

Stacy says get yours… 😉

The Beatdown Vol 2: Black President.

(click image to download)

“The concept for this mixtape came from the overwhelming energy of the past election which resulted in the innogoration of the first Black President in the United States of America. I found myself searching through predictions and quotations from our past of a black president. What resulted is a mixtape that expresses through music and quotations my feelings of the election.

Musically the whole peice is done exclusively on an old school Ensoniq ASR-10. Just records and an ASR 10 like every beatdown mixtape. The whole project is just under 20 minutes of instrumental hip-hop. Just rugged ass beats!!! ENJOY!!!


Everett James”

video from francesco scandale

francesco shared this video with me….check it out…

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