Angel of Air…

beautiful one by Alice Coltrane and Carlos Santana


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  1. richard
    Jan 29, 2009 @ 06:05:11




    that was sooooo beautiful. felt my eyes and heart swelling. thank you!! I’m an Alice Coltrane fan, but have never heard that one.

    found your blog cuz someone told me you have a new album out?!? i’ve only heard (sweeeet!!) singles myself, maybe i’m just not knowing and stuff. i’m a dj and producer myself, though the link takes you to my blog which deals mostly with issues around gender and race. it recently been more about some of the same things you are blogging about… humanity impaired people with guns, and the senseless loss they wreak. inhale, exhale. i live in Downtown Oakland too, so i was literally in the protest-turned-riots. i’m very proud of the reportback i wrote, take a look if you have the inclination, time or space

    thanks again for the gem… and if you go on tour, don’t forget the bay area!! bless up 🙂



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