This Christmas…

Not in reference to the movie… Although it was alright, but as usual a predictable movie for black people. Why do our movies all have to be so similar?!! Let’s have some black movies that are different at the major box office… but either way that’s another story…

the “government” who stole christmas

i wanted to speak on this christmas and how this picture seems to describe what Bush and the huge corporations of this country have done to america… (of course there is a bigger picture) but if you look at it from a child’s point of view… “mommy, daddy why didn’t santa claus come this year??” little sara says crying… “well sara, sadly the rich people took all of the money and santa didn’t have enough to make any toys this year,” daddy replies. “oh no!” says sara, “why didn’t they leave anything for us? we didn’t have any money? and surely santa needed it more than any of us!”  daddy replies “i know sara, but we have no choice but to continue to pay for what they took from us and santa must work even harder to find money now…” sara cries louder “BUT IT JUST ISN’T FAIR!!” daddy cries even louder, “I KNOW IT’S NOT FAIR AT ALL!!” little sara looks concerned and rushes over to comfort daddy saying softly, “It’s going to be okay daddy…i have faith in santa and the rich people can’t control everything!” daddy wakes up…”damn sara you’re right!!…..”


Isn’t the bullshit becoming clearer everyday… I know it is… I have faith in our people…

Much Love…


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