Dorothy Ashby

Respect and love to an amazing musician, Dorothy Ashby!!! (August 6, 1932 – April 13, 1986) She plays the harp! Jneiro Jarel put me on to this wonderful woman some years back…

Check her out here funking on the harp!!

The Windmills of Your Mind

This Album is Dope!!!



This has been me for the past couple of weeks!! Getting everything together for the move! Wish me luck! We will be headed out soon… Cleaning up and organizing for the New Year!!  We will be leaving ATL and headed to Durham!! We will miss all our peeps in the A!! and are looking forward to building in NC!!

Bless UP!!

WHY?! This has to STOP!


‘I didn’t see any of my girls, just a pile of bricks’

Israeli air strike kills five daughters from one family as Gaza death toll passes 300

The family house was small: three rooms, a tiny kitchen and bathroom, built of poor-quality concrete bricks with a corrugated asbestos roof, in block four of the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza. There are hundreds of similar homes crammed into the narrow streets, filled with some of the poorest and most vulnerable families in the overcrowded Gaza Strip. But it was this house, where Anwar and Samira Balousha lived with their nine young children, that had the misfortune to be built next to what became late on Sunday night another target in Israel’s devastating bombing campaign of Gaza.

An Israeli bomb struck the refugee camp’s Imad Aqil mosque around midnight, destroying the building and collapsing several shops and a pharmacy nearby. The force of the blast was so massive it also brought down the Baloushas’ house, which yesterday lay in ruins. The seven eldest girls were asleep together on mattresses in one bedroom and they bore the brunt of the explosion. Five were killed where they lay: Tahrir, 17, Ikram 15, Samer, 13, Dina, eight and Jawahar, four.

They were the latest in a growing number of civilian casualties in Israel’s bombing campaign. At least 315 Palestinians have been killed and as many as 1,400 injured. On the Israeli side, two people have been killed by Palestinian rockets. Israel’s military offensive continues and may yet intensify.

Imam, 16, lay in the room with her sisters but by chance survived with only injuries to her legs. She was eventually pulled free and rushed to hospital. “I was asleep. I didn’t hear anything of the explosion,” she said yesterday as she sat comforting her mother. “I just woke when the bricks fell on me. I saw all my sisters around me and I couldn’t move. No one could see me from above. The neighbours and ambulance men couldn’t see us. They were walking on the bricks above us. I started to scream and told my sisters we would die. We all screamed: ‘Baba, Mama. Come to help us.'”

Her parents had been sleeping in the room next door with their two youngest children, Muhammad, aged one, and Bara’a, a baby girl just 12 days old. Their room was damaged and all were hurt, but they survived and were taken straight to hospital even before any of the older girls were found.

Imam eventually recognised her uncle’s voice among the rescuers and she shouted again for help. “He found me and started to remove the bricks and the rubble from me. They started to pull me by my hands, the bricks were still lying on my legs.”

Her mother, Samira, 36, had seen the pile of bricks in the girls’ bedroom and was stricken with grief, convinced they were all dead. Like all the family, she too was asleep when the bomb struck. “I opened my eyes and saw bricks all over my body,” she said. “My face was covered with the concrete blocks.”

She checked on her two youngest children and then looked in the room next door. “I didn’t see any of my daughters, just a pile of bricks and parts of the roof. Everyone told me my daughters were alive, but I knew they were gone.” She sat on a sofa surrounded by other women at a neighbour’s house further along the street and struggled to speak, pausing for long moments and still overcome with shock. “I hope the Palestinian military wings retaliate and take revenge with operations inside Israel. I ask God to take revenge on them,” she said.

Her husband, Anwar, 40, sat in another house where a mourning tent had been set up. He was pale and still suffering from serious injuries to his head, his shoulder and his hands. But like many other patients in Gaza he had been made to leave an overcrowded hospital to make way for the dying. Yesterday his house was a pile of rubble: collapsed walls and the occasional piece of furniture exposed to the sky.

He spoke bitterly of his daughters’ deaths. “We are civilians. I don’t belong to any faction, I don’t support Fatah or Hamas, I’m just a Palestinian. They are punishing us all, civilians and militants. What is the guilt of the civilian?”

Like many men in Gaza, Anwar has no job, and like all in the refugee camp he relies on food handouts from the UN and other charity support to survive.

“If the dead here were Israelis, you would see the whole world condemning and responding. But why is no one condemning this action? Aren’t we human beings?” he said. “We are living in our land, we didn’t take it from the Israelis. We are fighting for our rights. One day we will get them back.”

Signs of Things to Come!! Sale signs don’t work anymore…


We know the game now… forget 25% and 30% off, we want 75% off… lol!! But for real see the article below… about how change is coming to the consumerist society… less stores??!! what will we do…?


Holiday Sales Drop to Force Bankruptcies, Closings (Update4)
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By Heather Burke

Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — U.S. retailers face a wave of store closings, bankruptcies and takeovers starting next month as holiday sales are shaping up to be the worst in 40 years.

Retailers may close 73,000 stores in the first half of 2009, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. Talbots Inc. and Sears Holdings Corp. are among chains shuttering underperforming locations.

More than a dozen retailers, including Circuit City Stores Inc., Linens ‘n Things Inc., Sharper Image Corp. and Steve & Barry’s LLC, have sought bankruptcy protection this year as the credit squeeze and recession drained sales. Investors will start seeing a wide variety of chains seeking bankruptcy protection in February when they file financial reports, said Burt Flickinger.

“You’ll see department stores, specialty stores, discount stores, grocery stores, drugstores, major chains either multi- regionally or nationally go out,” Flickinger, managing director of Strategic Resource Group, a retail-industry consulting firm in New York, said today in a Bloomberg Radio interview. “There are a number that are real causes for concern.”

Sales at stores open at least a year probably dropped as much as 2 percent in November and December, the ICSC said last week, more than the previously projected 1 percent decline. That would be the largest drop since at least 1969, when the New York-based trade group started tracking data. Gap Inc. and Macy’s Inc. are among retailers that will report December results on Jan. 8.

Women’s Clothing, Electronics

Consumers spent at least 20 percent less on women’s clothing, electronics and jewelry during November and December, according to data from SpendingPulse.

Retail Metrics Inc.’s December comparable-store sales index will drop an estimated 1.2 percent, or 5 percent excluding Wal- Mart Stores Inc. Retailers’ fourth-quarter earnings may fall 19 percent on average, the seventh consecutive quarterly decline, according to Ken Perkins, president of Retail Metrics, a Swampscott, Massachusetts-based consulting firm.

Probably 50,000 stores could close without any effect on consumer choice, Gregory Segall, a managing partner at buyout firm Versa Capital Management Inc., said this month during a panel discussion held at Bloomberg LP’s New York offices. Only retailers with healthy balance sheets will survive the recession, according to Matthew Katz, a managing director at consulting firm AlixPartners LLP.

Store Closings

The ICSC predicts, using U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, that 148,000 stores will shut down in 2008. That would be the largest number since 151,000 closings in 2001, during the last recession, according to ICSC Chief Economist Michael Niemira. The total number of retail establishments will decline by about 3 percent this year, also taking into account locations that were opened, he said. The U.S. had 1.11 million retail locations in 2002.

Another 73,000 locations may shut their doors in the first part of 2009, Niemira said.

The U.S. economy shrank in the third quarter at a 0.5 percent annual pace, the worst since 2001, according to the Commerce Department. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg in the first week of December forecast the world’s largest economy will contract through the first half of 2009.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Retailing Index has shed 34 percent this year, with only two of its 27 companies rising.

The index doesn’t include Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, which fell 24 cents to $55.11 at 4:02 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. Wal-Mart shares have gained 18 percent this year.

Discount Advantage

“If you’re going to be in retail right now, the discount space is where you want to be,” Patrick McKeever, a senior equity analyst at MKM Partners LLC, said today in a Bloomberg Television interview.

Discounts of 70 percent or more by Macy’s, AnnTaylor Stores Inc. and other retailers failed to prevent a spending drop of as much as 4 percent during the final two months of the year, according to data from SpendingPulse. Retailers’ pricing models are being challenged by consumers, according to Richard Hastings, consumer strategist at Global Hunter Securities LLC of Newport Beach, California.

“The whole pricing system is becoming an old-fashioned bazaar,” Hastings said today in a telephone interview. “They’re going into the stores and they’re looking at the stuff and they’re saying ‘You know what? I know that that price is way too high,’ and they have figured out that the signage doesn’t mean that much.”

Retail bankruptcies may help the industry in the long run, according to Flickinger.

“We’ll be going from a Dickens-esque worst of times this December to the best of times in future Decembers because we’ll rationalize out all the redundant retailers and retail space in shopping centers,” Flickinger said.

To contact the reporter on this story: Heather Burke in New York at

Last Updated: December 29, 2008 16:17 EST

Merry Christmas from some special people!!

Stevie Wonder

The Muppets


Cyndi Lauper

Kurtis Blow

Big Bird and the Swedish Chef

Charlie Brown

The Smurfs

Little Drummer Boy

Ella Fitzgerald

The Supremes

Christmas 2008…


Broke Santa

Oh wow, the economy is that bad??!! Somebody help Santa out? Sadly I heard he had to lay off all his helpers and Mrs. Claus left him because he didn’t have any money… And since he hasn’t had any food lately, he lost a lot of weight… So damn, you might as well eat them cookies you left out for him cuz Santa is downtown waitin for you to help him for a change… After all them gifts he gave you, get up off yo ass and give him a gift or better a yet a lift!!

Love y’all!! Merry Christmas…

This Christmas…

Not in reference to the movie… Although it was alright, but as usual a predictable movie for black people. Why do our movies all have to be so similar?!! Let’s have some black movies that are different at the major box office… but either way that’s another story…

the “government” who stole christmas

i wanted to speak on this christmas and how this picture seems to describe what Bush and the huge corporations of this country have done to america… (of course there is a bigger picture) but if you look at it from a child’s point of view… “mommy, daddy why didn’t santa claus come this year??” little sara says crying… “well sara, sadly the rich people took all of the money and santa didn’t have enough to make any toys this year,” daddy replies. “oh no!” says sara, “why didn’t they leave anything for us? we didn’t have any money? and surely santa needed it more than any of us!”  daddy replies “i know sara, but we have no choice but to continue to pay for what they took from us and santa must work even harder to find money now…” sara cries louder “BUT IT JUST ISN’T FAIR!!” daddy cries even louder, “I KNOW IT’S NOT FAIR AT ALL!!” little sara looks concerned and rushes over to comfort daddy saying softly, “It’s going to be okay daddy…i have faith in santa and the rich people can’t control everything!” daddy wakes up…”damn sara you’re right!!…..”


Isn’t the bullshit becoming clearer everyday… I know it is… I have faith in our people…

Much Love…

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